Party Information! 

The following information can help you with your classroom party planning.  Click on the pdf to download party checklists, food ideas and games.  Don't forget to confirm your ideas with the teacher.  Good luck with your parties! 

Party Guidelines


Party Guidelines.pdf Party Guidelines.pdf
Size : 93.98 Kb
Type : pdf


Halloween.pdf Halloween.pdf
Size : 2313.372 Kb
Type : pdf


Winter.pdf Winter.pdf
Size : 2698.325 Kb
Type : pdf


Valentines Day.pdf Valentines Day.pdf
Size : 2912.526 Kb
Type : pdf

Important Forms 

These are clickable and downloadable forms you may need throughout the year.

Parent Volunteer[1].pdf Parent Volunteer[1].pdf
Size : 194.06 Kb
Type : pdf
Check Request.pdf Check Request.pdf
Size : 278.29 Kb
Type : pdf
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